Popwood Playback #11 – Giveaway & Top Woodworking Videos of the Week

This week I’ve been busy working on building the Ultimate Lathe Stand. I’ve needed a home for my old Craftsman lathe, so why not build the ULTIMATE stand for it?! It’s a great build by Alan Lacer, though I’ve had to adapt the plans for a larger lathe and I’ve decreased some of the complexity by removing the 5-degree angle on the legs. It’s been a great aerobic exercise in moving sheets of baltic birch plywood around the shop! Anyhow, I’ve curated the top woodworking videos of the week on YouTube, check them out below, or watch the video by clicking the image above.

– David Lyell   

PopwoodPlayback – Rigid Trim Router

30 thoughts on “Popwood Playback #11 – Giveaway & Top Woodworking Videos of the Week

  1. freebird730@yahoo.com

    Like seeing peoples idea of “best of” videos. Helps to introduce new people to watch.

  2. LoCoWoodshop

    I watch a ton of stuff on YouTube, and this has become my absolute favorite. It’s a brilliant concept – scan the Tube-o-sphere and give us a quick summary of the best stuff so we know what we want to watch. I have subscribed to several channels because of recommendations I saw here. Keep it up!

  3. Ramblerkoch

    I’m lovin’ this weekly highlight thing! I’m finding new channels that really interest me!

  4. leofaria

    Nothing against the others How-to videos, they are great quality and good instructions. but we need more videos like “Essential Craftsman” and “Our Lives in Frame”. thanks.

  5. Zeo

    Love inventive wood working, would be great if you could post more videos like the folding mobile workbench.

  6. Potter1970

    I am always excited to see a playback vid every week! I love that it helps me find new people to watch. Keep them coming David!

  7. joepaduchi

    David, I really like your videos. Don’t worry about what some fools think.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Daveshu88

    Good picks this week. Love these videos, they have helped me find a ton of new people to watch. Thanks!

  9. Gdecker

    Congrats on the new baby! I love these weekly playbacks and because of them I have subscribed to a few Crafters I didn’t know existed before. Keep them Goming!

  10. Matthew K

    Thanks for making these videos. It is always great to find new content by creators that you may have missed.

  11. JohnCard

    I love it when other videos are shared in this format. It’s a great way to introduce other makers I may not have known about. Thanks.

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