Month: March 2018 | Popular Woodworking Magazine

The Ugly Tape Measure Contest

If you’ve got the worst of the worst, we’ll send you the best of the best. My Popular Woodworking blog series about measuring tools, squares, and tapes we use: “Precision Instruments” [...]

Episode 3: Urban Lumber

  Popular Woodworking’s editor Andrew Zoellner talks with Austin, TX arborist Jesse Neumann about the life of urban trees and what Austin is doing to care for them during their lives [...]

C-Clamps for Demanding Jobs

In my ongoing quest for finding adequate substitutions for the vanishing North American clamp manufacturers, I recently discovered an exceptionally strong forged steel C-clamp that will surely [...]

Building Adirondack Chairs in Shop Class

Editor’s note: This article was submitted by Tavish, a Technology Education instructor in Central New York. He shares how he led his class in building 10 Adirondack chairs. – David Lyell [...]

Join Me Live on PopWood Playback! #12

Sometimes I have hair-brained ideas. I really have no idea how this one is going to go, but I’d like to invite ANYONE who produces YouTube woodworking videos to join me on PopWood playback [...]

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