Additional Toshio Odate Images – October 2013

1308_ToshioXtrasOne of our favorite authors, Toshio Odate, is featured in an article in our October 2013 issue. In the story, Toshio relates his experience as an apprentice in Japan and builds a latticed entry door to his studio. The project is similar to what he was making in the 1950s.

It isn’t exactly a how-to article, but some of the joinery is intriguing. We created some line drawings from Toshio’s drawings and they are available as a free download in PDF format.

In addition, we’ve created a gallery of Toshio at work on this project, with photos by Laure Olender. Our thanks to Toshio and Laure for allowing us to share his work in our pages and online.

Download Koshi-Do drawings from the October 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine here: Koshi-do_Drawing

 – Robert W. Lang

7 thoughts on “Additional Toshio Odate Images – October 2013

  1. meikou

    Very interesting article. It’s a shame that no one thought to film Odate-san while building the koshi-do. It would have made a great dvd.

  2. ACP

    I really enjoy reading Toshio’s stories. I’ll be looking forward to the October issue.

  3. Albert Rasch

    Firefox is working…

    The screen PDFs are nicely drawn, and give an excellent perspective on how the screens are constructed.


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