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Last Day to Order in Time for 12/25 Delivery (and Some of my Faves)

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Just a reminder to those who are shopping for woodworking-related gifts (or nudging others toward woodworking-related gifts for you): today is the last day guarantees delivery in time for Christmas for all USPS orders.

Here’s a handful of my favorites in the store (and I’ve just ordered the first one for my mom…hope she’s not reading this!):

Furniture in the Southern Style

Furniture in the Southern Style” is the first book of measured drawings to focus on this important vernacular style (my mom is an architectural historian and not a woodworker, but she’ll love the historical information in the foreward, and the furniture forms presented in the book. And I suspect she might like that project on the cover. Maybe next year…).

The book is on sale for $19.79, the book and CD combo (the CD has all the SketchUp models used to create the book’s drawings) is on sale for $29.79, the CD alone is $19.99.

How to Build Shaker Furniture
This revised and updated version of Thos. Moser’s classic tome includes 36 of the projects in the 1977 edition of “How to Build Shaker Furniture,” plus nine new Moser designs, and full-color pictures. Thirty five years ago, when the first edition was published, this was one of the few books written for woodworkers that offered plans from which we could build furniture. I’m biased because I love the Shaker style, and I think Thomas Moser is a genuinely kind, funny and nice guy (those of you who were at his talk at Woodworking in America a couple years ago know what I’m talking about!). This book (on sale for $16.49) should be on every woodworker’s bookshelf.

Handplane Essentials
This brain dump by Christopher Schwarz on everything he wrote about handplanes over a 10-year period is both beautiful to look at and chock-full of just about everything you could possibly want to know about handplanes, and weren’t afraid to ask (seriously – a lot of the information was generated from questions posed by readers on his blog). Unfortunately, we’re out of stock on the print edition of “Handplane Essentials” ($34.99) (it’s being reprinted and you can place an order, but it won’t be in in time for the holidays), but we do have the digital edition available ($26.99) in PDF format (and it works on an iPad).

Woodworking Magazine Hardbound Edition, Volumes 1, 2 and 3
What can I say. I loved working on this magazine and I still miss it (as I know do many of you). What I liked best about it is that each issue had a book feel of sorts. We’d review a bunch of examples of a certain tool, and show you how to use it, then present a simple and an advanced project that made use of that tool, and the finishing story would be an in-depth look at one of the finished used on the project. Each issue had other stuff, too, but that approach made it all hang together like a mini-book. And it looked like an old-fashioned literary magazine with the quotations, layout and sepia-toned photographs  (so of course I liked that!). We reprinted all the issues (16 of them) and collected them into a series of three hardbound books: Volume 1 (Issues 1-7, $34.95), Volume 2 (Issues 8-12, $24.99) and Volume 3 (Issues 13-16, on sale for $15.99). There’s also a special deal available when you buy all three volumes ($65).

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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