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A very messy shop

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I thought you would like to see what a messy hand tool shop looks like! When was the last time someone commented on how nice your shop smelled? It really is a nice way to work wood.

– Adam Cherubini

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  • Adam


    I have always had my bench configured thus. I used the Dominy bench and the bench on the cover of the workbench book as inspiration. But I hate the overhang, tail vise and 6′ length of my bench.

  • Stephen Shepherd

    People always comment on how good my shop smells, but being around it all the time, I smell nothing. I have a piece of pitch pine that I plane on occassion to remind me of what everyone else is smelling.


  • Dave Owsley

    Hi Adam,
    Have you always had your bench configured so that you can use either a leg vise or a twin screw vise?

  • Tom Anderson-Brown

    As always, thanks for your posts and insights on working wood by hand.

    Now that I’ve got my Christopher Schwarz inspired Roubo bench completed I’m able to dive in to hand work. I’m starting on a simple sitting bench and enjoyed the time spent last night planing boards flat. My pile of shavings was about as big as yours but contained a lot of chips produced by my scrub plane.

    Lots of fun and a good workout for mind and body!

    Tom Anderson-Brown

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