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Photo Shoot: Monticello Bookcases

Today we’re taking the cover photo for the June 2011 issue, stacking bookcases based on the reproductions at Monticello. Last night, these bookcases were loaded up with about half of my woodworking library. (Yup, half. That’s my kids’ inheritance.)

Today we spent the morning removing many of my woodworking books and replacing them with books on other topics, from rugby to birds to my large collection of elementary primers from the early 20th century.

It looks better now that it’s all dressed up for the camera, but I can’t wait to get my woodworking books back on the rack.

— Christopher Schwarz

7 thoughts on “Photo Shoot: Monticello Bookcases

  1. Trout6341

    I built 3 of these bookcases based on the monticello origianls. I skipped the dovetails and used rabbets and plugged drywall screws – 1/2 ply for backs. They are the best bookcaes ever- even better than the college days bricks and boards. They move extremely well. Since I’m not as tall as Jefferson I just did 2 lower boxes, 3 of the middle size and i of the small top size.

  2. Andrew

    So is this the new “official” Schwarz blog? i.e. is the Woodworking Magazine Blog (and the Popular Woodworking Editors Blog) going away now? The content doesn’t seem to be sync’ed yet.

      1. Andrew

        Hi Rocky,
        Just from the last week, the page listed is missing:
        Squaring the English Layout Square
        Bench Building in Berea with Big Wood
        3 Rasps Give You Superpowers

  3. David Cockey

    The new PW website is a huge improvement, and I’m glad to see the name of your blog has been updated.

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