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I Saw it. She Saw it. We all Saw it.

As instructors at woodworking classes, we spend most of our time sampling bon-bons and braiding each others hair while the students work away the last bits of their cartilage between their poor, overtaxed joints.

Today was not so fun for the instructors.

While the students merrily dovetailed away their carcasses at The Woodwright’s School, the instructors had to crosscut hundreds of linear feet of poplar for the tool chests. As the students enjoyed tea time (pinkies up!), poor Roy Underhill and Megan Fitzpatrick were slogging through crosscutting 70 bottom boards and 80 skirt pieces.

Oh, and I helped (when the cameras were on).

The goal of this class is for each of the 10 students to build a full-size dovetailed tool chest based on the example from “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.” Tomorrow – Wednesday – is when everyone has to assemble their carcasses, tea time be darned!

Oh, and we have to crosscut another 75 parts.

— Christopher Schwarz

6 thoughts on “I Saw it. She Saw it. We all Saw it.

  1. Bill Lattanzio

    The tool chests look great and it looks like a fun class. But I have to tell you, as much as I try to incorporate handwork into my projects, for that I would have broken out the electric miter saw.

  2. woodmagnet

    Great video Chris (and music), I wasn’t expecting
    Megan to be getting down, close and personal with
    the cardboard covering. :0) Looks like you’re all
    having a fantastic time,keep it up gang it makes
    for great viewing. ;0)

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