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Download the Free eDrawings of the Stickley Tabourets

We have completed work on Issue 9 , our first ever issue for subscribers , and we are just about to send the issue to the printer. That issue will mail out to subscribers (boy that is nice to type!) on the week of March 3.

To give you a small taste of the issue, you can now download the digital eDrawings of two versions of the cover project , a Gustav Stickley Tabouret.

This interactive 3D illustration can be opened and manipulated using a free program from eDrawings that is available both for the PC and Mac. Even if you’ve never used a CAD program before, I think you’ll find an eDrawing easy to use.

With the help of the eDrawings you can rotate the projects around, make parts transparent and move parts around to examine the joinery. It’s an excellent way to figure out how a project goes together before you start cutting.

These eDrawings were prepared by Louis Bois, a draughtsman and good friend of Woodworking Magazine. He also prepared all the construction drawings for the tabourets that will appear in Issue 9. (11.84 KB) (11.99 KB)

– Christopher Schwarz

3 thoughts on “Download the Free eDrawings of the Stickley Tabourets

  1. John C.

    I’m looking forward to #9. A "source" told me that a PDF/Paper combination subscription would probably be available at some point. That’s what I’ve been holding out for. I hope it comes before the first mailing. Paper is still tops for reading, but the PDFs are invaluable for searching.

  2. Louis

    MHK, these eDrawings simply serve as additional reference material when building the project using the multi-view plans published in the magazine! The Spring issue will be available soon with all the dimensional info required to build either of these tables…plus so much more!

  3. MHK

    The edrawings are fun but NOT as useful as a 3 view dimensioned flat drawing.
    KISS applies. Show me a carefully dimensioned simple 3 view flat drawing – far more useful – I can easily make something from that!


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