Book Giveaway: Woodworking Essentials

Woodworking Essentials

Thanks for all the great comments! Congratulations to “Moko” the winner of this book giveaway. Stay tuned for more exciting book giveaways and if you’re interested in a copy of “Woodworking Essentials,” it is currently available at

One of the first books I edited when I joined the Popular Woodworking team a few years ago was a compilation based on the long-running “Woodworking Essentials” column from Popular Woodworking Magazine. It turned out to be an amazing jumping off point for me as I learned a ton of fundamental woodworking information right off the bat. The book helped me quickly become familiar with fundamental techniques, joinery terminology and instructions for safely using and maintaining the most popular woodworking machines and tools.

In effect, it was a crash-course in what I needed to know so that I could start asking the right questions and having conversations with people involved in the craft. The book features insight and advice from several notable contributors including Nick Engler, Scott Gibson, Christopher Schwarz and Marc Adams. If you don’t have some of the installments of the original column from the magazine or if you’d just like to have a ton of good info in one handy volume, it’s a great book to have on your shelf.

I’m giving away one copy of “Woodworking Essentials” for this week’s giveaway. Simply post a comment and I’ll choose one winner at random this Wednesday (8/2/17). Good luck!



44 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Woodworking Essentials

  1. pmbucalo

    I find adding introduction and basics knowledge media to my woodworking experience is never a ‘too-late’ option. Always something to learn. Sometimes, a palm-slap to the forehead from something I wished I’d known sooner.

  2. Rob

    I’m planning for retirement… your book would be just the thing… don’t you think? Thanks for all your efforts!

  3. Mark35816

    I just started working at a University wood shop and the book would be a perfect addition to the shop library

  4. DJ Lopez

    I would love to win this book. As an amateur woodworker trying to advance my skill level, this book could prove invaluable.

  5. Thomas426

    Not sure I can cope without this book! My tenons are trembling waiting to hear if I’ve routed the competitors! Mortise I think I’ll resaw some wood I split while waiting!

  6. Alvin Cole

    My carpentry shop is an old chicken barn. I “essentially” need to remodel it! Thank You! 🙂

  7. dawatson833

    Since I’m still trying to figure out the essentials, this book would be great to add to my bookcase.

  8. Bill

    Scott, I’ve been reading/viewing magazines, articles [web & print], blog posts and Internet video content for many years. All of that info. was scattered about and keeping track of the good stuff was sometimes hard to do. This book looks like a great source of valuable information all in one volume. I’m sure whoever receives it will count themselves fortunate. – Bill

  9. clbrz1678

    Scott, this book sounds wonderful and a tool to be shared with my son as I teach him the art and science of woodworking. One discussion that seems to be absent in most forums and blogs is a recommended sharpening stone manufacturer/style. I hear/see/read many instructional essays on how to sharpen, the size of a stone, and what ‘grits’ to use, but what style is the best. Do you know of a book, blog, essay, video, etc., that can inform the average Joe looking to purchase a really good set of chisels, but is afraid to because he knows he has mediocre sharpening stones.
    Interested in your suggestions,

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