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I have burned through a lot of burnishers, from the ones I’ve made myself out of carbide rod to very expensive variants. My favorite is the French-made Arno burnisher.

Everything about the tool is right. The handle is lightweight aluminum, perfectly shaped and has a guard so my fingers won’t slip off the handle and onto the scraper. The tool has two carbide rods for burnishing scrapers. One has a round profile, which is what I typically use to turn a burr on scrapers. The other one has a triangular profile, which allows me to add some serious pressure to a scraper that is particularly hard (and I see more hard scrapers these days).

Both bits of carbide are very fine grained and smooth. With a drop of oil, the carbide glides over the steel as it turns a burr.

Oh, and it comes with a leather sheath, which really does protect the tool from abuse in your drawer or tool chest.

— Christopher Schwarz

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