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Band Saw

In my first post on the Popular Woodworking blog, I mentioned a band saw at the cabinet shop that I worked at. That band saw had writing on the top wheel cover that said “At no times should the fingers leave the hands.” That’s not exactly the most reassuring thing to read on what could be the most useful power tool in the shop.

Although the band saw has to potential to be the most useful power tool in the shop, it also has the potential to be the most dangerous. To keep the danger at a minimum, you must keep the machine serviced and running smooth.

In the new DVD “Power Tool Essentials: The Band Saw,” Doug Dale of the Marc Adams School of Woodworking shows you how to finely tune your bandsaw so it stays useful instead of sitting in the corner, collecting dust.

Doug also shows the proper way to feed materials through the band saw when performing various tasks (ripping, resawing, etc), so you can create the designs that you want but your fingers never leave your hands.

Watch the preview below, and if you’re new to the band saw or just want a refresher, pick up “Power Tool Essentials: The Band Saw” at shopwoodworking.com.

— Jon Russelburg

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