Delta Unisaw

Steve Shanesy, senior editor, had the good fortune to come across a vintage Delta table saw for an unbeatable price. So he took the plunge and set about searching for original Delta Unisaw parts and replacement parts, then he spent some time retooling the motor. When he was done, he had a beautiful, fully restored table saw from the World War II era. It’s the saw he and his son use in Steve’s personal shop. Here is a video diary of the restoration process.

VIDEO – Delta Unisaw Restoration – Part VI

The final episode in rebuilding the 1944 Delta Unisaw. Popular Woodworking Magazine Publisher, Steve Shanesy takes a side-by-side look at features from both the vintage Delta table saw and new Delta flagship table saw. Hold on tight as he swaps the old-style fence for an updated Biesemeyer...

VIDEO – Delta Unisaw Restoration – Part V

You should never expect a table saw rebuild to go without a hitch. In this episode of the restoration, the behemoth motor decides to give out. Looks as though the motor needs a rebuild as well as the saw. Get a firsthand look at the motor's guts and...

VIDEO – Delta Unisaw Restoration – Part II

A second installment in how to rebuild a circa 1944 Unisaw, Delta's flagship table saw. In this installment Steve Shanesy takes a look under the tabletop to rehab the inner working parts. Along the way he changes the arbor bearings to get the arbor running smooth.

VIDEO – Delta Unisaw Restoration – Part I

In this first installment of the restoration of a vintage Delta Unisaw, Publisher Steve Shanesy takes us through the first step – assessing the condition of the saw. Plus you'll see how to bring the electric wiring up to modern standards.