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Tool: 3-In-1 Digital Laser Measurer Shop Now  

Manufacturer: Dremel

MSRP: $79

Dremel recently released a new 3-in-1 digital measurer that would be a great addition to a carpenter’s toolkit. In addition to the laser measure, it has a tape measure attachment and a wheel attachment for measuring curved and uneven surfaces. All functions are controlled by a single button, and the tool is powered by AAA batteries (included).

In testing, I found all three operations to be accurate and easy to use. I especially liked having the laser measurer when working on laying out some designs for a kitchen remodel. Being able to accurately and easily see long distances without having to mess with a tape measure saved a ton of time. One especially neat trick is the ability to quickly calculate area- measure your first distance and tap the button once to save that measurement. Tap it again to measure along on the opposite axis, then double-tap to see the full area. Way faster than pen and paper, and no opportunity to miswrite dimensions. In no time at all, I knew exactly how much flooring I would need.

The wheel and tape measure adapters, though accurate, are both a bit less useful for most woodworking or carpentry scenarios. The wheel can measure up to 65 linear feet, which can be useful if needing to measure a long path or complex curved shape. I could also see it being useful for custom fabrication work, where measuring the inside of a curve would be more common. The tape measure attachment maxes out at 5 feet, which limits its usefulness in the shop. It would work very well for measuring dimensions for sewing or tailoring though.

The only hold-up is the $79 price point. If you’re just going to use the laser measurer, there are more affordable options out there that work just as well. So the value comes down to how much the attachments are worth to you. My fiancé sews, and a digital sewing tape costs about $30, so the cost would work in my scenario. But if you’re just going to use it for a short remodel, you would be missing out on what the tool really has to offer.

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