New Festool ZOBO Forstner-style Drill Bits

Festool has recently added a set of aggressive-cutting Forstner-style drill bits that have a new twist – a twist drill to be specific. Yes, these bits feature three interchangeable centers for various applications. You get the normal, shorter point, a longer point to assist in starting angled holes  and a twist-drill bit center.

You’ll see in the video below how to use the twist drill to make perfectly aligned holes with guaranteed no tear-out on either side of the work. Each of the interchangeable centers has a tapered end that inserts into the matching tapered center hole in the ZOBO bit. Switching them out is a breeze. I found them to be aggressive cutting devils. Chucked into a drill press, the largest sized bit fed into softwood end grain as fast as I could feed it.

–Steve Shanesy

7 thoughts on “New Festool ZOBO Forstner-style Drill Bits

  1. rbsrig

    I agree with the above. I’m not sure but I would think that the USA is their largest market. I own 12 Festools but I am getting angry that they don’t consider either combination English (Imperial) and metric drills router bits etc. ( They just came out with a brad point system in Imperial).
    On a personal note I am just as comfortable with both and think that the USA should adopt the metric system. That having been said, until there is a change, Festool should market bits using the English system.

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