Support Clamp

To support a large panel while I drilled holes in the edge for dowels, I added a second sliding clamp jaw to a pipe clamp and clamped it to the edge of my workbench. -Steve Keller…

Patching Woodworking Mistakes

A long-time carpenter shares a repair trick to hide the mistakes made by ham-handed apprentices. For more than 30 years I was a traveling carpenter foreman in charge of installation of [...]

Quick Panel-finishing Setup

Quick Panel-finishing Setup When making frame-and-panel doors, my panels are finished before installing them into their frames. The fact that the edges will be tucked into the frames allows for a [...]

How to Flatten Large Boards in a Planer

I grew up working in my dad’s custom woodworking shop standing in a pile of shavings on the outfeed side of a 24″ planer. Oh sure, we had dust collection, but we (me) frequently got [...]

Q & A: Board too Wide for Jointer

Q & A: Board too Wide for Jointer Q: I’ve got some beautiful planks that are too wide for my jointer. I really don’t want to rip them down to size and risk breaking up the grain [...]

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