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Essentials of Table Saw Safety

It is estimated that nearly 80 percent of all woodworking requires some type of sawing. The power, accuracy and control of the table saw has made the process of sawing wood a lot more productive [...]

Cosmic Joinery Karma?

After my gruesome dovetails of the day before (no, I don’t have any photos), I hoped I was done with disasters for the week in the class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. Then my wife [...]

Tools that Talk to One Another

When I teach a class on sawing by hand, some students seem bewildered by how much work we do with planes and chisels. When I teach a class on planes, there’s a lot of work with saws and chisels [...]

Avoiding Table Saw Kickback

The fundamental rules (and devices) to keep you clear of danger at your saw. By Marc Adams Pages: 63-65 From the November 2008 issue #172 Buy this issue now I once heard that 90 percent (or more) [...]

Woodworking Essentials: Thickness Planers

A Better Way to Work: Part 6 By Marc Adams Pages: 51-56 From the August 2008 issue #170 Buy this issue now When I started woodworking, owning a planer was just a dream. They were big, expensive [...]

Woodworking Essentials: Band Saws

A Better Way to Work: Part 5 By Marc Adams Pages: 43-48 From the June 2008 issue #169 Buy this issue now I once toured a very large custom cabinetmaking shop and noticed that they had no band [...]

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