Small Size, Big Features

Tool: Excalibur EX-16 Shop Now  Manufacturer: General International MSRP: $499.99 Cramped for space? If so, this compact scroll saw from General International may be just the [...]

Router Table Safety Boost

Tool: Mushroom Mag Switch Manufacturer: General International A magnetic switch is a safety device that’s common on many new stationary tools. They’re quickly becoming a requirement [...]

Buff Bandsaw

Buff Bandsaw If a Bandsaw could take steroids, it might look something like this. Everything about the new 22″ 90-380 from General is large and robust.Here’s a saw that will handle pretty [...]

$1,000 Cabinet Saw

$1,000 Cabinet Saw Time to upgrade to a cabinet saw? If you’re thinking about it, but are on a tight budget, take a look at this new offering from General International. The 50-200R is a 240 [...]

Maxed Out Midi Lathe

Maxed Out Midi Lathe. General International’s New Variable Speed Maxi-Lathe VS has all the great features that made its predecessor, the General 25-100 so popular. Both machines are made of heavy [...]

Super-Size Disc Sander

Editor’s Note: This item no longer appears to be available. A 15″ disc sander, like the new 15-205 from General International, is a great addition to any shop if you’ve got room [...]

Strong Shelves

Strong Shelves You love wood–we know that. You love wood so much you’ve got piles of it all over your shop, just waiting to be turned into a masterpiece … if only you can find those boards you [...]

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