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Versatile Throat Plate

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Zero-clearance throat plates are one of the best accessories you can put on your tablesaw. With a slot that tightly fits the blade, you get less tear-out and no trapped offcuts, with both standard blades and dado sets. Buying a whole stack of throat plates for every width of dado cut can really add up, though. Sure, you can make your own, but that takes precious shop time. With the Tru-Cut Insert System ($80) you'll never have to make or buy another zero-clearance throat plate again. It's got replaceable inserts; when you switch blades, you leave the throat plate in the saw and simply swap one insert for another. The throat plate is aluminum and the inserts are phenolic plastic. There are screws for leveling both the throat plate and the insert. Spring-loaded plungers keep the throat plate from wiggling around in the opening. There's a notch in the rear of this throat plate for your saw's splitter. Most commercial zero-clearance throat plates don't have this notch, which is a real shortcoming. Splitters really do prevent accidents and should always be used when practical. The Tru-Cut throat plate comes in different sizes, and is currently made to fit some Delta, Jet, Powermatic and DeWalt saws.

Art Betterley Enterprises, (800) 871-7516, Tru-Cut Blade Insert System, $80, Replacement inserts, $18 for 2, $30 for 4.


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