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Router Table Angled Dado Jig

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Milling angled dadoes, angled sliding dovetails and angled rabbets have always been a challenge. I use these joints when building ladder bookcases, louvers, railings and several decorative elements. This sled is perfect to mill 90° dovetailed dadoes in drawer fronts to lock the sides in (stopped of thru), and dovetailed shelves in bookcases. Someone told me it could also be used to mill bench dog holes in a workbench, which is another great idea.


I've always found the setup quite complicated and time consuming. Some joints would be easy to mill with a radial arm saw, but what do you do when there's not such a saw around ? I finally came up with an easy solution with this adjustable sliding jig to be used on the router table.


To use the jig as it is, the edges of your router table must be parallel. If they aren't, I suggest you making the sled about 6" narrower so it could slide between two 3" guides rails C-clamped parallel near the edges of your router table (I did that before making this final sled, but the setup takes more time).


A great addition to my workshop.


For all the details and more photos, click here to be linked to the specific page of my website.






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