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No ones perfect!!! Twin Kitchen Hutches #12

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This is the last chance I have to sand the interior edges of the face frames. Once installed, it would be practically impossible to sand properly at the shelves level.



Then I mark the edges of the face frame and the cabinet where I want to locate the biscuits. Few biscuits will suffice since their utility here is restricted to alignment. The biscuit joiner is placed on the edge to cut the slots on the front of the cabinet.



As shown on the picture, I use a scrap piece of wood the same thickness as the face frame to stabilize the tool while cutting. For these cuts I had to remove the fence from the tool.



No one is perfect !!! When I made the first cut I sat the joiner on the wrong side of my reference line. By chance, this ugly slot won’t be visible when the face frame will be installed.



I insert biscuits for a dry assembly to check the precision of my work to find out the job is well done.



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