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We’ve created some nice pdf files that will assist you in building the Creole Table featured in the February 2007 issue of Popular Woodworking. These are the same working files I used to make the table.

Also, we’ve posted an eDrawing of the Creole Table that we think you’ll also find helpful , or at least amusing to fiddle with. Click here to read about the eDrawing and download it. All of the files below are pdfs and can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Simply print them out, tape them together and you’ll be ready to cut the cabriole legs and the scrolled apron.

One caution: Before you print these out, make sure that your computer is not set to shrink images to fit on your printer’s paper. Many computers do this automatically and it will slightly shrink all of the drawings and the parts will be the wrong size. We promise, these illustrations are the correct size. If they print too small, the problem is in your computer.

If your computer is shrinking these illustrations, you can fix it usually by unclicking a “Shrink to Fit” box in your printing dialog box. If you’re struggling with this problem, do what I do: Ask an 11-year-old for help.

Creole_A.pdf (2.8 KB)
Creole_B.pdf (4.39 KB)
Creole_C.pdf (3.28 KB)
Creole_D.pdf (3.21 KB)
Creole_E.pdf (2.64 KB)
Creole_F.pdf (2.65 KB)
Creole_G.pdf (3.46 KB)
Creole_L1.pdf (1.9 KB)
Creole_L2.pdf (2.78 KB)
CreolePatterns_KeyPlan.pdf (42.32 KB)

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  • Jim Grill

    I stumbled on this today while searching for something else and thought I’d post an update.

    I built this table shortly after my 5/11/2008 post above. It turned out great! My wife loves it.

    I cheated a bit on the drawer by using a different, more figured piece of stock rather then trying to salvage the front from the apron.

    Thanks again! This was an awesome project with excellent details. Keep them coming, please. 🙂

  • Mark Clark


    Great article on the Creole table. I used your drawings on line to make one of the legs as a practice piece in cedar. It came out very good and I am now ready to move on to making the table in cherry. I have a question though.

    When making the stop cuts on the legs, you didn’t mention in the article how far down they should go on the table saw. On my sample leg, I made the cut using a 12” table saw with the blade all the way up and cut about 6 ¾” down. I based the length on the length of the side apron from the profile drawing on page 68. Of course, on the bottom the cut went a bit further down the leg. I then did a cross cut on the table saw to make the cheek cut and remove the waste. Is 6 ¾” about right for the top measurement when the bottom comes out somewhat more? Since I did this practice in cedar it was not noticeable after sanding, but before I started on the cherry I wanted to make sure. Or should it be cut where the bottom part of the cut is at 6 ¾” and the top less to accommodate?

  • Jim Grill

    I first downloaded the eDrawing back in December of ’06 and patiently waited for the Feb. ’07 Issue. I didn’t initially think that I’d be building this table; however, after reading the magazine article, I’m quite sure I can now.

    Thank you for the level of detail provided for this project. I just completed my version of the Greene & Greene side table by David Thiel, also in the Feb. issue, and am looking forward to building many more projects with the help of PW.

    I just sank some coin on some walnut lumber for this table. Wish me luck!

  • Leonard Budzinski

    Creole Table,
    Thank you for the wonderful design. I would like to see more of this soft type but creative furniture design.
    Leonard Budzinski

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