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Chuck Bender’s Slant-lid Desk

This morning Chuck Bender from Acanthus Workshop stopped by the office on his way to deliver a piece of furniture to a client outside Cincinnati.

After the traditional 15 minutes of Glen D. Huey and Chuck exchanging pastries (it’s Chuck’s birthday) and giving each other a rash of crap, Chuck let us have a little preview of the desk.

Photos and video just can’t do Chuck’s work justice. I’ve seen a lot of furniture, but Chuck’s stuff is just amazing – inspiring because he’s so good, and disheartening because he’s so good. I shot this short video that shows off some of the secret drawers and where Megan implores Glen to pull on Chuck’s leather thong.

— Christopher Schwarz

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• Don’t belong to the Society of American Period Furniture Makers? You should. It’s a vibrant, active and passionate group of woodworkers. Their forum is excellent, too.

• See more of Chuck Bender’s work here.

• Glen and Chuck are both cut from the same curly maple cloth. Glen’s book “Building 18th-Century American Furniture” contains many of his best designs.

5 thoughts on “Chuck Bender’s Slant-lid Desk

  1. Eric R

    I sure wish Chuck was my brother.
    I’d hang around his shop and bug him until he taught me some of his cool furniture making skills.
    Great work Chuck !

  2. Gene

    That is an insane piece of furniture! I think Chuck must be the woodworking equivalent of Maxwell Smart.

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