October 2009 #178

Popular Woodworking October 2009 issueA benchtop table saw graces the cover of the October 2009 Popular Woodworking. Can it earn a place in your shop? Find out which ones make the cut as we put five models through our test.

Mike Dunbar wrote the book on making Windsor chairs. He shares with the Windsor shop stool that has been in use at his school for more than 20 years.

Glen Huey builds an inlaid Bible box. There’s no doubt it’s a great project, but there is doubt about the origins of its name.

Finishing is a problem for many woodworkers. Bob Flexner is the man with the answers to five common finishing problems.

In our Arts & Mysteries column, Adam Cherubini works on the mystery of gluing up a Philadelphia Chippendale chair.

Marc Adams looks at modern answers in the Understanding Glue: Part 2 article.

Deneb Puchalski teaches hand plane techniques to thousands of woodworkers every year. In his first article for Popular Woodworking he reveals one of his secrets in the Tiny Teeth Tame Tear-Out article.

We take a road trip to see how sandpaper is made.

Detailed article previews are below. Online Extras (downloads, etc.) for this issue are found inside each article.

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Online Extras: October 2009 Issue

Online Extras for the October 2009 issue a PDF file of Marc Adam's tips for gluing, a SketchUp model of the Windsor Shop Stool, a 3D model of the Inlaid Bible Box project in SketchUp format, and a video on how sandpaper is made.

Out of the Woodwork: IWF 2059

Fifty years in the future, MDF will be a luxury ‘wood.’ By Pete Knapp Page: 72 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now As if all the new tools and technology shown at this year’s International Woodworking and Furniture Show (IWF) weren’t exciting enough, we decided to jump...

Flexner on Finishing: Five Common Finishing Problems

Bleeding, blushing, blotching, orange peel and fish eye. By Bob Flexner Pages: 66-68 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now The basics of wood finishing are really quite simple: You use one of three tools – a rag, brush or spray gun – to transfer a liquid stain...

How Sandpaper Is Made

We visit a manufacturing facility to get the nitty-gritty on making abrasives. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 63-65 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now In all likelihood sandpaper isn’t made the way you probably think it’s made. In fact, what is most unusual about sandpaper manufacturing is how...

Inlaid (Bible?) Box

Scholars question whether or not these boxes actually held the family’s Bible. Regardless, this Pennsylvania-designed box deserves high praise. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 56-62 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now From the minute I brought this lidded box into the Popular Woodworking office, debate began. I...

Understanding Glues: Part II

Prepare your wood, pick the right glue and prevent problems. By Marc Adams Pages: 49-55 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now Baseball bats, utensils, turned items and small carved objects are usually made from one piece of wood. But most woodworking projects are made under the premise...

Tiny Teeth Tame Tear-out

A toothed blade in your handplane magically eliminates ugly tearing. By Deneb Puchalski Pages: 46-49 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now The recent renaissance of low-angle, bevel-up planes reintroduces us to a little-known plane blade: the toothed or grooving blade. There is written documentation from the early...

Windsor Shop Stool

A comfortable seat can make a big difference in your work. By Michael Dunbar Pages: 39-45 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now I designed this stool for a special purpose – making chairs. The stool places a chairmaker above the chair seat. This position is more comfortable...

Benchtop Table Saws

Riving knives have made benchtop table saws ‘new’ again. Could one be the tool for your shop?By Glen D. Huey Pages: 32-38 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now When you scanned this issue’s cover and discovered an article on benchtop table saws, you might have questioned our...