June 2010 #183

Popular Woodworking June 2010 issueThe cover project of the June 2010 of Popular Woodworking is a Queen Anne dressing table. It’s “high style” on the outside, but the interior is a cinch to make.

Dale Barnard shows you how a simple plywood jig can create accurate Arts & Crafts Through-tenons.

In building a reproduction of a White Water Shaker table, Christopher Schwarz uncovers some details that are atypical for a Shaker piece – and some that are just downright strange.

David Charlesworth shows how to tune up and use scraper planes in the war against tear-out.

Rob Millard outlines a clever technique when banding inlay for curves.

Learn about taming the top-heavy router by replacing your router’s base with a shop-made version.

George R. Walker explains how mouldings emphasize a form and provides techniques for proportions and layout in this issue’s Design Matters column.

Bob Flexner answers 20 staining questions based on the articles he has written for Popular Woodworking.

Using period inventories and other sources, Peter Follansbee helps piece together the puzzle of a 1600s Joiner’s Tool Kit.

We review a new track in routers in this issue’s Tool Test.

The I Can Do That project is a picnic of a build.

Detailed article previews are below. Online Extras (downloads, links, etc.) for this issue can be found inside each article.

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Online Extras: June 2010 Issue

Online Extras for the June 2010 issue include a video of the “Dovetail Tape Trick” – as well as a few of our other blue-tape favorites, a video of the trim router and baseplate in action, a free SketchUp model of the White Water Shaker Table, a free SketchUp model of...

End Grain: Sandpaper Drawer

The lessons I learned from Dad’s crumpled and worn-out abrasives. By Joe Barnhart Page: 64 From the June 2010 issue #183 Buy this issue now Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist woodworker, having a keen sense of proper material utilization reduces the cost of projects while extending increasingly hard-to-find resources. Conservation means taking advantage...

Flexner on Finishing: Twenty Questions

Did I mention there would be a quiz? By Bob Flexner Pages: 60-61 From the June 2010 issue #183 Buy this issue now Here are 20 questions, together with the answers, based on my articles from Popular Woodworking. If you have been reading regularly, you should do well. For more in-depth explanations, go to popularwoodworking.com/finishing,...

Great Woodshops: Country Workshops

This sylvan school offers a wide variety of classes in woodworking and more. By Stuart Page Pages: 58-59 From the June 2010 issue #183 Buy this issue now Country Workshops began when Drew Langsner and his wife, Louise, moved from California to the Smoky Mountains. On their farm, a 15-minute drive from the nearest...

New Life for an Old Table Saw

By Steve Shanesy Pages: 54-55 From the June 2010 issue #183 Buy this issue now The dream of a “barn find” looms large in most people’s imagination, whether it’s 1,000 board feet of 18″-wide walnut or a ’67 Mustang (pony interior, of course). Problem is, it rarely happens to you. My...

Jig Journal: Shop-made Saw Vise

A must-have device for sharpening saws. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 52-53 From the June 2010 issue #183 Buy this issue now One of the cardinal rules of woodworking is that the purchase of one tool begets the need for several others. Sawing by hand is both easier and more accurate than many people...

Taming the Top-heavy Router

Replace your router’s base with one that is oversized and stable. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 50-51 From the June 2010 issue #183 Buy this issue now The router can be a great friend in the woodshop, but it’s one of those friends with character traits that aren’t welcome in all...

Inlay for Curves

A trip to the hardware store yields clamps that put the bend in inlay. By Rob Millard Pages: 46-49 From the June 2010 issue #183 Buy this issue now Inlaid bandings are a time-honored technique to embellish furniture, as are curves. Combining the two is surely a way to take your...

Success With Scraper Planes

Understand and tune up one of the best weapons in the war against tearing. By David Charlesworth Pages: 42-45 From the June 2010 issue #183 Buy this issue now Scraper planes are some of my favorite tools, excellent for avoiding or removing tear-out whilst maintaining a flat surface. Card scrapers will...