February 2012 #195

Popular Woodworking February 2012 issueOur cover story for the February 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking is Serpentine Chest, by Glen D. Huey, contributing editor. Expand your casework repertoire by learning how to make a curvaceous front – it looks a lot trickier than it really is.

In Handle With Care, Gary Rogowski shows how to design, make and install custom handles for your doors and drawers – pulls perfectly suited to your project.

In A Frame With Architectural Interest, Mark Arnold shows how “crossetted” corners add a bold visual statement – and arresting grain pattern – to a picture or mirror frame.

Charles Bender demonstrates how an exercise in dowel-making without a lathe is an excellent way to improve your handplaning techniques in Just Plane Round.

In Mirrors in Multiples, Robert W. Lang, executive editor, shows how designing the process for making multiples of a project can be as challenging as designing the object itself.

In Return of the Passer Drill, Roy Underhill revives this venerable tool, which was used in times past to pattern rout for brass insets, with a modern replica.

In this issue’s Tool Test, we take a look at Festool ZOBO Forstner-style bits, Veritas’s 6″ precision square, Blockkz’s Clamping Blocks and Earlex’s steam generator.

In Design Matters, George R. Walker shows how sketching is all in your mind.

In Arts & Mysteries, Adam Cherubini shows how London’s clever carpenters found a way around the laws regarding “boarded” furniture.

This issue’s I Can Do That project is a message center designed and built by Steve Shanesy, senior editor.

In Great Woodshops, Christopher Schwarz, contributing editor, shows how Jeff Miller, a former musician, brings an improvisational skill to the craft of custom woodworking.

In Flexner on Finishing, Bob Flexner shows how “green” solvents are environmentally friendly and surprisingly effective.

In End Grain, Eric Heydorn paddles through his woodworking past.

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I Can Do That: Message Center

A low-tech solution for a family on the go. By Steve Shanesy Pages: 26-27 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy the issue now. The kitchen is the crossroads for today’s busy family. And while we have high-tech gadgets to text messages, take notes and keep a calendar, I’ve found a...

Serpentine Chest

Expand your casework repertoire with a curvaceous front. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 28-35 From the February 2012 issue #195. Buy the issue now. One of the most interesting aspects of a serpentine chest, with its front concave at the ends and convex in the center, is how the wood grain changes as the curves...

Handle With Care

Make your own door and drawer pulls for a custom finishing touch on your work. By Gary Rogowski Pages: 36-39 From the February 2012 issue #195. Buy the issue now. It’s the grip that counts. A limp handshake is as bad as a poorly designed handle. OK – that’s a stretch. But there is something...

A Frame With Architectural Interest

‘Crossettes’ in the corners add flair to this mirror or picture frame. By Mark Arnold Pages: 40-45 From the February 2012 issue #195. Buy the issue now. Architectural elements on which intersecting vertical and horizontal members extend beyond a simple lapped or mitered joint are said to be “crossetted.” The term has been used to...

Just Plane Round

An exercise in dowel-making without a lathe. By Charles Bender Pages: 46-49 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy the issue now. During my formative years as a woodworker my instructor, Werner Duerr, taught many lessons both subtle and gross. Sometimes it wasn’t until years later that I learned the benefit. Toward the end of...

Mirrors in Multiples

Designing the process can be as challenging as designing the object. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 50-53 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy the issue now. The way something looks is only the first half of a design problem. How to make it and how to make it efficiently are often greater challenges. If...

Return of the Passer Drill

A welcome ‘voice’ from the past. By Roy Underhill Pages: 54-55 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy the issue now. Satellites beep around the globe, kids scream about the band from Liverpool, and after 41 years you’re about to hang it up. Before you do, there’s one more length of rosewood on your bench,...

Great Woodshops: Designs of Note

A former musician brings an improvisational skill to the craft. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 58-59 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy the issue now. Somewhere between street musician and the symphony orchestra, between an 18th-century hand woodworker and a contemporary designer, is Jeff Miller, a Chicago furniture maker, teacher and author who defi es...

Flexner on Finishing: ‘Green’ Solvents

These environmentally friendly products are surprisingly effective. By Bob Flexner Pages: 60-62 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy the issue now. The three primary solvents we use in wood finishing are paint thinner (mineral spirits), lacquer thinner and denatured alcohol. Paint thinner thins and cleans up oils, oil stains and varnishes, including oil-based polyurethane....