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Drumroll please…

In 2012, there will be TWO Woodworking in America Conferences!

The first is in Pasadena, Calif., October 12-14, at the Pasadena Convention Center.

The second will be in Greater Cincinnati, November 2-4, at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center (the same venue as in 2010 and 2011).

Although in the past we’ve waited to make the announcement until we had all the speakers, toolmakers and “extra-curricular” events lined up, we decided to let you know a little earlier this year to make it easier to plan vacations (and perhaps earmark that upcoming tax return for a tool buy in the Marketplace).

I don’t yet have any other specifics to release, but I do know that we’ll continue to showcase the top talent in woodworking, with plenty of classes that will cover a broad range of woodworking topics, from hand tools to power tools, 17th-century to contemporary design, hidden compartments to exposed joinery.

Both shows will have an unparalleled (except by each other) Marketplace featuring the best toolmakers in the U.S. and from around the world. Both shows will have an amazing lineup of instructors and classes. Both shows will be awesome.

As soon as I have specifics (lists of classes, instructors, evening activities, and more), we’ll post them here. Oh – and the WIA web site is not yet operational – I’ll let you know when that’s ready, too. And of course, we’ll let you know when registration opens (no, I don’t yet know when that will be).

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  • M2

    This is awesome since I live in Pasadena. But isn’t this the same weekend of Pasadena Heritage Craftsman Exposition Show? If thats the case, I’ll be the happiest kid in the neighborhood.

  • John S in VA

    It’s a great idea to have two, with one on the West coast to make things easier for folks on that side of the map. I wonder how it will work out having them so close together, however. I would think having one in each half of the year would make it easier for vendors and speakers to attend both events, as well as for the folks who have to plan, staff, and conduct the events.

    Here’s hoping they both come off successfully.

  • Danny H.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for choosing So. Cal . I’m only a few hours drive from there and am very much planning on attending and meeting you all! I’m so excited!

  • CarlosJD

    Glad to hear it is going to also be on the west coast. I enjoyed going to N. Kentucky the past two years but it does get expensive and time consuming. I live in Las Vegas and I can drive to Pasadena. Looking forward to it.

  • rgdeen

    Oh happy day!!! Says the guy who actually lives in Pasadena. Couldn’t have picked a better venue!! At least for me… 😉 Y’all make sure to go visit the Gamble house while here.

  • kiltedcook

    Fantastic. Glad It is returning to a great venue at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. I’ll be there!

  • wessmith

    A little disappointed it’s not in Asheville, but we will be in Cinci come November.

  • Sawdustislife

    Very happy about there being one on the west coast this time. Much easier for me to do. I put in my PTO request at work last night so I can get the time off for it. Very excited.

  • djgaloot

    I’ll be at both! Looking forward to seeing everyone.
    Blue Spruce Toolworks

  • psanow

    Well I think this is worth a try. I’m happy it’s back in the Cincinnati area (it couldn’t be much closer to me) and understand all the other folks that would like to see it moved.

  • sablebadger

    Best news I have heard all week. West Coast!! Hooray!

    There is a strong, and pretty robust woodworking community out this way, but the East and Mid states get all the attention.

    I will be there!

  • muthrie

    Yee Ha! I’m there!

  • metalworkingdude

    I hope you’re able to make the west coast WIA work well, that is loads easier for those of us in the western US. I’m certainly planning on attending WIA this year, and probably on the west coast.

    I’m surprised that you have them so close together in the year (like 2 weeks apart).

  • Julien Lecomte

    Although I agree with some of the concerns, I think there is enough room in this country for two WIA conferences. I will go to the one in Pasadena for sure!

  • nikbrown

    Hmmm… not sure I’m a fan. I will probably travel to either… but not both. I hate the fact this will split the community 🙁

  • J. Pierce

    as exciting as that is, I have to argue that you picked the wrong coast.

  • tombuhl

    hmmm, not likely to do both.
    Wonder if this diminishes the community gathering aspect.

  • bryce

    Awesome! Thanks for listening. See you in Pasadena.

  • Niels

    -The Matrix

  • mlingenfelter

    Very cool! I think you will see me in Cali :).


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