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I invite readers to post comments to my blog. There are couple things that I want you to know.

1) There is no free speech on the internet. But I allow criticism on my little corner of the internet. My other PW collegues do the same which I’m very proud of. That isn’t the case everywhere you go.

2) I’m pretty good about listening to dissenting views. I wear stockings and high heeled shoes in public. So i have pretty thick skin. But beyond that, I’m not convinced I’m right about everything. My mind is open. So post away.

3) The real reason for this blog entry is the following: Some folks have had technical problems posting comments and have given up trying. Please try again. I have the same problems. I’m not blocking your comments, Roy. Really. (just kidding- Roy doesn’t read anything I write. Why should he?).

Here are couple tips to make the software work for you:

  • Type the comment in a word processor. Save it, edit, then copy and paste it into the blog window. That way, if something goes screwy, you don’t loose your comment.
  • If you type in the blog window and it takes you longer than (seems like 1 minute) a certain length of time, you get assigned a new password. So you have to enter the password you see, then scroll down, see that the first password wasn’t taken, and type the new one. I’ve had that new one not work and have had to go around a third time. All of this is to stop the folks who want you to read ads none of us want to see.

I’m not begging for attention. But if you have something to say, I want you to feel welcome and to be able to post it.


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  • Austin

    I looked over the whole site and can’t find a way to comment on #197 End Grain…Nothing is Absolute. I think Alan’s article is spot on and I enjoyed reading it. Now if I can only remember how to get back here to send other comments as time goes on. Thanks, Roger

  • B

    Don`t feel bad, Roy doesn`t read anything I write either….;)

  • Peter

    Just goes to show… I thought it might be a Mac or Firefox compatibility issue 😛
    Got round it by simply entering it 2 or 3 times.

  • Luke Townsley

    Comments work for me using Firefox 3.5. I generally have to enter the captcha twice though. It is a pain, but worth it to have my all-so-important comments heard by entire world.

  • Bruce Jackson

    Gee, I never noticed that password thingy ….

  • Jim S.

    I’ve never been able to post comments from Firefox, only internet explorer. I prefer Firefox, but it’s a reasonable work-around for those few occasions that I want to post a comment.

  • Auguste Gusteau

    Unfortunately not all your PW collegues allow criticism.

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