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Intro to Hand ToolsI have a confession to make. I am not a hand-tool woodworker…but I want to be.

I have been around only power tools for most of my life. I worked for a contractor through college. The only hand tools we used in my shop class were a rasp and file. The furniture business that I worked for used hand tools only for precision work (but at times, oh how I miss that dovetail machine).

So, when I started reading Popular Woodworking Magazine, and subsequently became the online editor, my interest in hand tools skyrocketed. Just when I was at the point of being a bit burned out with woodworking, a whole new world emerged before me.

But where do I begin? I have a cheap Craftsman handplane that belonged to my grandfather and probably now belongs in the garbage. I have a rusty Disston and Sons saw that needs a new handle…and probably a new blade. I need some guidance.

That’s why I was excited to see that the “Intro to Hand Tools” course at Popular Woodworking University begins on May 11th. In the course, Steve Branam gives you the chance to ask whatever questions you may have about hand-tool woodworking.

The course includes nearly 60 videos, including Steve’s “Fistfights and Fundamentals video, where he tackles the common points of contention in hand-tool woodworking.

If you are interested in woodworking but don’t have the room for all of the necessary power equipment – or if you simply prefer to work with hand tools – take a look at the “Intro to Hand Tools” course and get started woodworking today.

Check out this free lesson, and enroll in the full course before May 11th…

Intro-to-hand-tools-classInterested in learning about hand tools? Check out the “Intro to Hand Tools” course today!

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  • Shawn Nichols

    Jon, a brief,unsolicited, piece of advice: don’t throw out those tools just yet. When I was just getting into woodworking I threw out some stuff thinking I’d never have a need for it and now it’s sentimental and I don’t have it. Don’t keep it either if it’s not bringing you joy. However, please don’t make that decision until you have some more hand tool knowledge under your belt.

    Good luck man.


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