December 2009 #180

Popular Woodworking December 2009 issueIn the December 2009 issue of Popular Woodworking, we test six compact 12-volt drill-drivers to see which one bores and screws the best. Will any of them make our list of 2009’s best new tools?

The large, Shaker-inspired bibliophile’s bookcase provides plenty of storage.

Mario Rodriguez shows a clever way to do seamless curved panel glue-ups.

Toolmakers John Economaki and Ron Hock share special tributes to the seminal woodworkers Sam Maloof and James Krenov.

Let your project take flight as you build a boomerang.

Learn how to safely size your small work on well-made shooting boards.

Bob Flexner explains why gel varnish is an (almost) perfect compromise.

Adam Cherubini shows how examining a period spice chest reveals many woodworking lessons.

Our I Can Do That project is a recycling station.

This issue’s Tool Test features the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw.

Marc Spagnulolo shows you how to get the most from your router.

Jig Journal features coping at the router table.

Detailed article previews are below. Online Extras (downloads, videos, etc.) for this issue are found within each article.

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Online Extras: December 2009 Issue

Online Extras from the December 2009 issue the Wood Whisperer video on Flush Trim bits, the video of Trevor Smith's students building boomerangs and then send their projects soaring, the Great Woodshops article, "Legendary Rocker," about our visit to Sam Maloof's workshop, and more.

Out of the Woodwork: But Aren’t You a Woodworker?

It’s not a hobby if it isn’t fun. By Ethan Sincox Page: 80 From the December 2009 issue #180 Buy this issue now Last year, my wife and I bought our first house together. Right after closing, with the help of friends, we pulled carpet, painted, moved walls and relocated plumbing....

Flexner on Finishing: Gel Varnish

The (almost) perfect compromise. By Bob Flexner Pages: 74-76 From the December 2009 issue #180 Buy this issue now Most woodworkers do their finishing with one of two wipe-on/wipe-off finishes: oil/varnish blend or wiping varnish. Oil/varnish blend is a thinned mixture of boiled linseed oil or tung oil with alkyd or...

Jig Journal: Coping at the Router Table

Work smart across the grain with a simple push block. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 70-71 From the December 2009 issue #180 Buy this issue now One of the first vehicles I owned was a 1964 Ford Econoline van. I bought it cheap at a police auction then proceeded to over-accessorize...

Seamless Curved Panel Glue-ups

Work with the grain when gluing panels, even when the grain throws you a curve. By Mario Rodriguez Pages: 66-69 From the December 2009 issue #180 Buy this issue now When I look at a piece of furniture, aside from its design and craftsmanship, I examine how the wood was used....

Shooting Boards

Small work is safer – and easier – to size with a handplane and shooting board. By Michael Dunbar Pages: 62-65 From the December 2009 issue #180 Buy this issue now I have been a woodworker for 38 years and I still have all my fingers on both hands. My fingers...

Best New Tools: 2009

By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 57-61 From the December 2009 issue #180 Buy this issue now With the world’s economy taking a nose dive in 2009, we saw a lot of things happen to the tool-making community. Many of the major manufacturers, which were pummeled by the housing market, played it safe...

Build a Boomerang

Making a boomerang is simple, fast and will set your head spinning. By Trevor Smith Pages: 52-56 From the December 2009 issue #180 Buy this issue now If you like a challenge, enjoy having an excuse to be outside and are looking for ideas for practical projects, you’ll find that building...

James Krenov, 1920-2009

A woodworking teacher and writer whose influence will live on. By Ron Hock Pages: 44-45 From the December 2009 issue #180 Buy this issue now There is a short list of woodworkers whose work defines a style and is recognizable at first glance. Those on it have undeniably influenced other woodworkers,...