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So if your workbench lost in our “Most Pathetic Workbench” contest, is that a good thing? It’s time to let the Internet decide!

We’ve posted all 121 photos of the entries we received for the contest on No names were used, as promised. And then, while I was bored one afternoon (hey, it happens) I added snide comments about each bench.

And here’s the fun part: You can add your own comments as well. All the photos are on, so if you have an account (they’re free) you can add your two cents. Don’t agree with who we chose as our prize winners? Let us know. Have something funnier to say about a bench? Put it up there.

I think the great thing about this collection of photos is that after viewing it, I will never ever complain about any of the workbenches I’ve ever worked on. Here’s the other thing I learned: Behind every pathetic workbench is a tenacious (perhaps parsimonious) woodworker.

Start viewing the workbenches by clicking here.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Jason Farmer

    The workbench pictured at the top of this blog entry is mine and I do have to admit that it gets the job done as a planing bench. My current project is building a bed frame for my 3 year-old and once that’s done I figure a nice Roubo or Holtzapffel bench is my next project. Although Chris is claiming ownership of my bench in the Flickr gallery, so perhaps he has my Roubo by mistake?

  • Greg Peel

    Parsimonious, a great descriptive word to add to my vocabulary. Thanks Chris. No doubt some woodworkers will qualify for that description.

  • JT

    Wow. I thought my tiny 12×12 workshop shed was pathetic. My work area is a utopia compared to some of what I have seen. My workbench I created is not too bad compared to what I have seen… I suppose if it gets the job done.

  • Dave

    I probably should have entered too. I’ve worked on a scrap of plywood perched atop two Pampers diaper boxes.

  • Charles Bodner

    I could kick myself for not entering.

  • Bill

    "Most Difficult to Do Anything Due to Clutter" contest?
    I can win that sucker hands down.

  • Jared Simms

    Looks like a lot of people got the "Most Pathetic Workbench" contest mixed up with the "Most Difficult to Do Anything Due to Clutter" contest.


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