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Issue six of Woodworking Magazine is now available for sale on our website and is on its way to bookstores. (Just about every Barnes & Noble and Borders carries it, so those are good places to look in the coming weeks). It will be on sale on the newsstands until Sept. 15, after which it will be available only on our website.

As a special treat for the readers of this weblog, we also are making available the SolidWorks files for this issue today. These 3D models of our American Trestle Table and Traditional Sawbench will help you understand the joinery and subassemblies.

An industrious person could even build these projects without the printed version of the magazine, but there’s some good information in the printed magazine I think you’ll want one.

You can open these SolidWorks files using a free little program from SolidWorks that you can download for both Mac and Windows machines. With the program, you can open up the drawing file and examine the project to your heart’s content. These SolidWorks files were drawn by reader and draughtsman Louis Bois, who has prepared SolidWorks files of many of the other projects from the first five issues, which are now available on CD.

Sawbench (395.48 KB)

American Trestle Table (780.23 KB)

We hope you enjoy the new issue. Let us know what you think of it. As always, your comments guide our future course.

Christopher Schwarz

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  • Tim Macking

    I have a saw bench that I need to change a little. The top of my bench is 1 3/4" thick though and I am curious whether these holdfasts will work with my bench? Please let me know. Thanks, Tim Macking CCNA

  • Christopher Schwarz


    I just tried them out. The Grammercy holdfasts work like a *charm* in that sawbench.


  • Dave Brown

    A question about the saw bench:

    I’m busy building a saw bench but I was wondering, do your Gramercy holdfasts work with the 1-1/4" top or should I plan for a 1-3/4" thick top?

  • Alan DuBoff

    Nice, thanks for putting those files up!

    I just got a MacBook Pro, so can view them now!

  • Robert Butler

    Congratulations on the recent issue’s release. I suspect it will be a while yet before we’ll see it in Canada but I intend to stay on the lookout for it. It is usually available at Indigo/Chapters. We’re pretty keen to see it.


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