My Woodshop “Pencil Problem”

One of the great joys of woodworking is helping other woodworkers realize their fullest potential. With limited technical and artistic skills there is little I can do to help other woodworkers [...]

Big Project, Crowded Woodshop

My shop is large by some standards, small by some, and about average to a lot of woodworkers. It doesn’t matter, it’s all relative. No matter how large your shop, there are always projects that [...]

Organizing a Woodshop in One Saturday

Early on a Saturday morning, distinctive telltale sounds that would perk up any woodworker’s ears were wafting down my street. First the short wind-up of an electric motor, then the sound of a [...]

5S Principles and Woodshop Safety

Should safety have its own “S” in 5S? Should it really be “6S?” The question always comes up as woodworkers learn to apply the principles of 5S to their shops. A growing community of woodworkers [...]

Dust Collection System FAQ

Is there any advantage/disadvantage to installing a dust collector outside the shop? It may sound as resolute as a long-range weather forecast, but yes, maybe and no. It is really a personal [...]

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