CNC Spring Joint Box

Spring Joint Box Self-locking design requires no glue. By Randy Johnson Squeeze and snap! That’s all it takes to assemble this CNC-routed box. Th e joint’s flexibility comes from a series of [...]

CNC Linker Logs Blanket Hut

Linker Logs Project Have fun while learning to fabricate with plywood. By Randy Johnson Although linker logs are made with the aid of a computer— once complete, they’re a great way to get kids [...]

CNC "Woodturning"

CNC "Woodturning" By Randy Johnson A rotary indexing head allows a CNC machine to create 3-dimensional shapes in the round. It’s an accessory that can be added to most CNC [...]

Simple, Sturdy Sawhorses

Simple, Fast, Sturdy Sawhorse Project Here’s one of my favorite sawhorse designs. They provide such stable hard working support that I tend to refer to them as workhorses. I made this pair [...]

Small Shop Tip: Instant Drawers

Instant Drawers Large plastic boxes, the kind that restaurants use for bussing dishes, are perfect for shop drawers. They're strong, durable and lightweight, plus they have built-in handles. [...]

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