Router Fence for a Table Saw

Your table saw is a router table and jointer just waiting to happen. Replace one of the saw's wings (or adapt your existing table board) to hold a router table insert, and you're in business.

Dovetail Jig

Years ago when I first learned to cut dovetails, my first joints weren’t things of beauty. Sometimes there were more shims than pins. Over time, my work got better and faster. But despite the [...]

Ultimate Miter Saw Stand

This clever rolling stand allows you to make dead-on crosscuts, and then it folds up when not in use. Plus, you need only two sheets of plywood to build it.

Porringer Table

These tables come from designs that are roughly 250 years old. This places them squarely in the country interpretation of the Queen Anne style.

Shaker Stepstool

Back when the Shakers started making furniture in the late 18th century, the only tools available to them were powered by people. You can build these sturdy shelves using hand or power tools.

Folding Plant Stand

When you have a lot of plants to display, you are always looking for ways to show them off to their best advantage.

Modern Storage Tower

This storage tower will tame almost any wild pile of junk, and yet it takes up less than 2 square feet of floor space.

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