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Chimney Cupboard

 In February 2008 #167, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Seven solid joints comprise this sturdy custom storage unit.
By Megan Fitzpatrick & Glen D. Huey
Pages: 62-69

From the February 2008 issue #167
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There’s a backstory to this chimney cupboard project. Last March, I planned a week off to renovate the 6 1/2′ x 8′ bathroom in my 110-year-old house (I was sure it wouldn’t take long – after all, I only had to gut it to the studs and joists, hang new drywall, reroute plumbing … ). Three months later, I finally had the tile in and grouted, and a working shower. A month after that, I installed a medicine cabinet and put up the wainscoting and the trim. So close on a year later, I’m almost done. But the small space allowed no room for built-in storage, and I was unwilling to tear out adjoining plaster walls to enlarge the space.

So I needed a tall, free-standing cabinet that fit with my amalgamation of Victorian and Arts & Crafts design elements, and it had to fit into the narrow area between the shower door and commode, making the most use of available space. This three-drawer chimney cupboard was designed to accommodate a variety of storage needs, and fit a specific location. At 10 1/2″ the depth, due to space limitations, is fairly shallow. And, I wanted the piece to match the exact height of the shower wall, 78 1/2″ (I’ve been told I can be a tad persnickety). The point (yes, I do have one) is that it’s easy to start with a design idea in mind, and adjust the dimensions and design elements such as inset versus lipped drawers, or hardware and mouldings, to meet your specific needs.

Online Extras

* For step by step instructions on cutting through and half blind dovetails, click here.

* Click the link to download a SketchUp file of the drawings of the Chimney Cupboard. (148.55 KB)

(Note: you will need to download and install SketchUp to view the drawings. SketchUp is available as a free download at

* For instructions on cutting hinge mortises by hand (in PDF format), click here.

From the February 2008 issue #167
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