Rejuvenate Your Scrap Bin at WIA

Are you hoarding a bin full of interesting scraps you can’t bear to throw away…but no project in mind on which to use them? How about someone else’s scrap bin , might that be more inspiring? Steve Taylor, of, thinks so. He’s setting up a “Great American Scrap Swap” at Woodworking in America next weekend.

He proposes that woodworkers who are interested in exchanging their nice scraps (no flatsawn red oak, please!) pack them along on the trip to Greater Cincinnati. However many scraps you bring, that’s how many you get to take home (though Steve suggests no more than 10). Scraps should be no smaller than a pen-turning blank and no larger than a sheet of paper.

He’s still trying to decide which of the three conference days is best for the Scrap Swap, which he plans to set up in a parking lot adjacent to the convention center. Steve will be posting more about the swap next week on his blog, so head on over and leave a comment to let him know you’re interested in participating.

By the way , the picture above of our sorry scrap bin is for illustration purposes only; there is nothing in it worth exchanging…mmmmm white pine!

– Megan Fitzpatrick

– Those of you who actually use the scraps in your bin for small projects might be interested in a couple of the turning books we offer, including “Pen Turner’s Workbook,” by Barry Gross, and “Woodturning Chessmen,” by Mike Darlow.

2 thoughts on “Rejuvenate Your Scrap Bin at WIA

  1. Mom&Pop WoodShop

    What a fantastic idea! I love it!
    Totally inspired to dig out the scrap bin and see what’s hiding in there.

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