Massachusetts Block-Front Chest

Step 9 Mill the Bottom Front to size and make the large dovetail that is XX” long x 1-1/2” wide, all centered in the piece. Cut the dovetail at the band saw and true up the edges. Next, position this piece to the Case Bottom by matching the center lines of both and transfer the layout to the Bottom. Test the fit, make any needed adjustments , and glue the dovetail into the Bottom.

Step 10 After the piece is dry, sand and position a Drawer Divider to the new Bottom as shown. The front edge of the rounded portion of the Divider should be located 5/8” from the front edge of the Bottom. Use a 1-1/2 fender washer with a 1/4” hole to draw the profile of the front edge of the Bottom.

Step 11 The washer leaves a rounded corner where the profile steps in at the center of the piece. This profile needs to be sharpened as shown

Step 12 With the bottom edge molded, slide the sides into the bottom and mark the 45 degree angle cut as shown. The shaded area is the waste that needs to be removed. Transfer the 45 degree mark to the underside of the Case Bottom.

Step 13 Next, use the router to profile the front edge of the bottom. I used a classical bit for the job.

Step 14 Remove the bottom and flip the piece in order to make the 45 degree cut. I attached a straight edge to the underside of the Case Bottom to help with the cut. Position your saw against the fence and make the cut.