Is Your Magazine Messed Up? Here's the Fast Fix

In the subscriber issues of December 2008 Popular Woodworking, there was an insert glued to page 25, and it seems our printer used a super-strong adhesive that didn’t allow easy removal. First, our apologies. We’ll do our best to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Second, click below for a pdf of the article in its entirety.

Megan Fitzpatrick, managing editor

Dec08ArtsMysteries.pdf (545.45 KB)

5 thoughts on “Is Your Magazine Messed Up? Here's the Fast Fix

  1. Ryan

    I have to agree with the comments here. This is yet another reason I will be renewing my subscription (even though it doesn’t expire until 2010) along with sending gift subs to two more people this year. There aren’t many companies these days who listen to their customers and truly have their best interest in mind.


  2. Josh

    This kind of attention to customers is one major reason that I re-subscribed after buying off the newsstand for a while.
    I lost a couple of letters to the adhesive, but the rest of it peeled right off.
    Thanks, Megan.

  3. John

    The rubber cement on mine peeled off fairly easily. It left a little bit of a dark stain, but nothing that ruined the page.

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