Building a Handmade Try Square

Jim Tolpin’s newest book, “The New Traditional Woodworker” teaches the reader how to work with hand tools by using them to build useful bench and shop tools. Each project builds on the skill learned in the preceding chapter. This process makes for an easy and fun learning curve. One of the more attractive project tools is a try square. You might think that this is a tool that is best built by a machinist, but If you follow Jim’s lesson, you’ll be proud of your new tool, and its accuracy.

To Download the Free ‘Handmade Try Square’ Project, Follow this Link.

One thought on “Building a Handmade Try Square

  1. tsstahl

    I have a piece of Jatoba and some Hickory that would fit this project.

    Precision work like this is a refresher course in humility. For me, anyway.

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