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Every now and then, I get a board or two.     No real project for just a single board.     I usuallyjust make a shelf , fancy or not, depending on both the wood, and what "exras" I have on had,   maybe a railing sitting on some dowels, or some Shaker pegs under the shelf.    Just a way of using those extra boards around the shop. 

This used to be over a window, there are holes in each ebd for curtain rods, there  are a pair of other shelves in the picture as well.     The big shelf over the doorway is pine, the smaller two are Oak from a pallet.

A "birdhouse" for ceramic birds ou tof pine.   Brass hinges, and a birch dowel to hang a fancy towel from.

Not sure what wood this was made from. Like the "Cat"?


All of these shelves hang from screws.    I used a "keyhole" bit in the router to make the mounting holes on the back of the "legs" of each shelf.   Some other shelves had the full "Monty",  that is; a plate groove, a few shaker pegs, a heart cut-out, and a fancy railing.     Many of the shelves I've made wind up as presents to friends.    Try some, you might like it.

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