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At the beginning of every summer school class, I encourage my students to build a project they might use themselves, or can give as a gift for a friend or a family member. Many students like to carve or paint their name on a plaque to hang on their bedroom door. Others like to construct a gift for mom or dad, or, in many cases for their beloved pet. Aldis decided to make something that her entire family can use.  She chose to build a spice rack with slanted shelves. Each shelf included a ledge nested into two mortises in the flanking sides. To connect the ledges Aldis made a rabbet joint. She used a Record 078 plane and guided the plane using a very simple technique: clamping a strip of wood alongside the shelf edge and planed down until she reached the intended depth. 


The making of the mortises: Using a Forstner bit, Aldis drilled a series of shallow holes. Then she chiseled out the remaining wood and used a router plane to make the bottom of the mortises of uniformed depth.


Then she glued the shelves in with yellow glue, and finished the piece by rubbing a wax finish on it.

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