Join the Popular Woodworking Team!

Popular Woodworking is hiring a Web Producer to work on, newsletters, social media and more – in short, all things related to the Popular Woodworking brand on the ’net. The [...]

Karl Holtey, Plane Pioneer

This legendary planemaker’s career has been dedicated to innovation. There is no straight path between a childhood spent in a camp for displaced persons in Germany’s Black Forest at the end of [...]

Coming Soon: A Handmade Dustpan

Almost every plastic or aluminum dustpan I’ve used has been disappointing. The aluminum ones bend too easily and make it impossible to capture fine dust. And plastic ones are just that: plasticy. [...]

Faux Urushi

Poison sumac for a perfect finish? A quick epoxy fake-out spares the itch. by Donald C. Williams pgs. 42-49 Within the ongoing renaissance of fine furniture making, I find myself an enthusiastic [...]

Tommy Mac’s Toolbox

Combine power and hand tools to improve your joinery skills. by Thomas J. MacDonald first published in the December 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine Building a toolbox much like this [...]

Cool Nailmaking Video from Austria

Blacksmith Peter Ross recently sent me a link to the video below that shows production nailmaking of shoe nails in a town in Austria. These guys are working at breakneck speed – forget those [...]

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