Coming Clean About Being Clean

After working with woodworkers all over the world for short periods of time and (in some cases) many years, I can say these four words that might make your woodworking easier: Clean up your crap. [...]

The $500 Maslow CNC

  The Maslow $500 CNC kit No doubt about it, the Maslow CNC is unique. Let’s start with the detail that got your attention. Yes, the price of the Maslow really is $500. Actually, it could be [...]

Caution When Buying a Spray Gun

I was teaching a hands-on finishing class, including spraying, a while back when a student brought me a spray gun he had bought a year before from another teacher who was selling a line of spray [...]

Wendell Castle on his Creative Process

It will be among my enduring regrets that I didn’t arrange things to tag along on our recent visit to  Wendell Castle’s home and studio. The video team, along with American furniture [...]

How Myths get Started

I’m bouncing off of Chris Schwarz’s August 25 blog post where he describes how myths can get started. I’ll leave you to read what he says, but basically Chris realized that a simple joke can lead [...]

When Your Liquid Hide Glue Turns Bad

There are lots of tests for when your liquid hide glue has gone bad – the most common one that I know of is to put some glue between your index finger and thumb. Tap your finger and thumb [...]

Contemporary Sofa Table

This slender table maximizes minimal space. by Rodney Wilson My family recently left our sprawling farmhouse for a compact ranch. We left our farmhouse-sized stuff too, and now we need new [...]

Crosscut Jig for Your Circular Saw

I have an affinity for the circular saw. Perhaps it comes from building the back deck at my parents’ house with my father when I was a kid (my earliest memory of really getting to build [...]

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