‘Marking & Measuring’

You’ve been there before – a gap in a mitered frame, an expensive board cut a fraction too short, maybe even chopped a mortise on the wrong side. You might have even measured twice…but good [...]

Restore a Gouge Handle, Part 1

For me, as well as for many other woodworkers (see Graham Haydon’s recent entry on his chisel), eBay is a great resource for good-quality tools. When an item is well described, correctly [...]

Make Wooden Try Squares

I had fancied making some wooden try squares for a while and reading Joshua Klein’s post on Romanticizing Tools was a final nudge to get them done. Before embarking upon making them I also [...]

Big Project, Crowded Woodshop

My shop is large by some standards, small by some, and about average to a lot of woodworkers. It doesn’t matter, it’s all relative. No matter how large your shop, there are always projects that [...]

Vintage Steel at the Hand Tool Olympics

This week, at Woodworking in America in Kansas City, Mo., a saw almost a century old will find a new home with the winner of the Crosscuts Event at the Hand Tool Olympics (HTO). The HTO events – [...]

A Look at the Seaton Tool Chest

The first real tool chest that I built was based (loosely) on Benjamin Seaton’s famous tool chest that now resides at the Guildhall Museum in Rochester, England. Most woodworkers know it because [...]

An Interview with Christopher Schwarz

You guys might know Christopher Schwarz. You know … he used to be the editor of our magazine, he’s a contributing editor and a regular blogger. Chris is a pretty busy guy what with [...]

One Week until Woodworking in America

At this time a week from today, I’ll be setting up benches and classrooms in Kansas City, Mo., for Woodworking in America 2015 (unless something goes wrong terribly wrong with the [...]

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