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‘The Secret Mitre Dovetail’

David Charlesworth’s new video is groundbreaking instruction. by Christopher Schwarz p. 14 The “secret miter” dovetail is considered the most elegant and difficult of all the dovetail joints to [...]

Veritas Stainless Steel Trammel Points

by Megan Fitzpatrick p. 16 These clever stainless steel trammel points (for scribing large arcs and circles) from Veritas work a little differently than my vintage set, which fit only on a [...]

New Honing Guide from Veritas

While many woodworkers have been worked up about the long-awaited honing guide from Lie-Nielsen, there is another new honing guide on the market this year that has been flying under the radar. [...]

Creating Wood Inlays

Wood inlays are made by cutting a shaped pocket or void into a piece of wood, and then filling that pocket with another piece cut to the same shape. Although inlays can look impressive, they are [...]

Wall-mounted Server

A neat trick magically suspends this dining room project. by Steve Shanesy As empty nesters, my wife and I recently said goodbye to the family homestead and downsized to a smaller house. Our [...]

Double-bevel Artistry

A scrollsaw and simple steps yield stunning inlay results. by Jameel Abraham Picture a two-layer cake. Using a knife, cut a circle out of the middle while holding the knife perfectly vertical. [...]

Jameel Abraham: Benchcrafted Tools

This Iowa-born toolmaker, woodworker and luthier strives for perfection. by Steve Shanesy Family has clearly played an important role in the development of Iowa-born woodworker and toolmaker [...]

Buying Good Tools for the Wrong Reason

There is no easy way. There I was, on my butt halfway up the hill on my seventh try, tackling what I refer to as the single-track-mountain-bike hill of death. The throbbing from the inevitable [...]

AWFS 2015 Tools to Talk About

I’m just back from the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers show ( in Las Vegas where there were many woodworking products worth talking about – too many in [...]

The Nutsaver: This Stuff Writes Itself

A couple years ago I revealed my secret shame: I use pliers to tighten the round collets on the fences and depth stops of my Veritas planes. Read that post here. I was admonished by the “lovers [...]

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