This Just Looks Wrong

This post has little to do with woodworking – but it will upset the safety police (not to mention the fashion police, though I doubt they’re reading). And, it just looks funny. After [...]

Weekend Fun, Woodworking Style

I’m writing this from home, and most of my pictures from past Woodworking in America conferences are on my computer at work* – though I managed to dig up the one above of Ron Herman (l) and [...]

AW Extra – Shaker Sewing Cabinet

Shaker Sewing Cabinet Machine-cut dovetails add a new twist. Tom Caspar You can find a place for every conceivable sewing notion in this Shaker-inspired chest of drawers. Mix ‘n’ [...]

Finding Balance

Years ago, I turned a series of tall bottle/vases on the lathe. The idea behind the pieces was to use them as tools to help me slow down and keep my life in balance. If I built these objects that [...]

Shaker Table

Shaker Table A perfect blend of classic lines and modern joinery. By Tom Caspar When I first saw a drawing of this table 20 years ago in a book by Thomas Moser, I knew I had to make it (see …

Shaker Trestle Table (AW)

Shaker Trestle Table Graceful bent-laminated feet are super-strong. By Chris Cander This modern interpretation of a Shaker communal table appeals to furniture maker Mark Love’s customers [...]

Inside the Judges’ Chambers

I spent last Thursday and Friday with two other judges staring at photographs and deciding if this was better than that. We were in a conference room at VeneerTech, deciding the winners in this [...]

Why You Might Hate Modern Furniture

If you know me through my writing, then you likely think that I prefer traditional furniture to the more contemporary forms. That’s not exactly true. What I really prefer is traditional [...]

Travel Humidor

Travel Humidor A pull-apart box with a silky-smooth fit. By Suwat Phruksawan I've had a lot of fun over the years building boxes of all shapes and sizes.This one was made as a travel humidor [...]

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