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Dovetails: My Journey

We’ve spent a week or two in the blog discussing dovetails. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to share a story (and not knowing when this chance may surface again), here’s my tale [...]

Sweepstakes Winner

Last fall, we announced our $15,000 “All-Star Workshop Giveaway” sponsored by Franklin Adhesives, Porter-Cable, Delta Machinery and Lee Valley Tools. That’s our publisher, Steve [...]

14 Months and 4,284 Miles Later

I know I’m not the only woodworker who has trouble completing projects. I’m pretty sure I’m not the worst, but I suspect I may be in the top 10. It’s not easy to get [...]

A Good Sport

When I first started working at Popular Woodworking magazine, we’d sometimes have summer interns help out, and they were almost always female and working on a staff that was (at the time) [...]


So I’m cutting this 4 foot long dado, running my plane against a nailed on fence, and guess where stupid puts the nails. I didn’t want to sink the nail, because it might hit the bench [...]

Standing Desk

This is what I’m building (click the picture to enlarge): This is a joinery plan. It defines what joints go where. Period craftsmen would not have drawn such a thing. You’ll see [...]

More on the English Method

I wrote to you about the English Method because I want you to try it. But I wouldn’t go plugging the hold fast holes in your bench top just quite yet. All of the images of 18th and early [...]

Evolution of a Woodworker – Part 3

After posting the first two parts of “Evolution” I received a few letters and calls asking why I moved from woodworking, my passion, into teaching then to a full-time position with [...]

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