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Best New Tools of 2006

One of our year end traditions is to pick our favorite tools of the year. Usually this list contains 10 or 12 tools, but this was no ordinary year. Our December issue has our choices on the 16 [...]

Turn a Block Plane Into a Bench Plane

Lee Valley Tools‘s latest catalog is filled with lots of interesting stuff that we’re beginning to wade through, including two new plane totes that allow you to convert the Veritas [...]

Out of the Dark Ages

It’s about 7:30 a.m. on a Wednesday, and I am severely deprived of caffeine as I follow Thomas Lie-Nielsen through the narrow passages of his tool factory in Warren, Maine. He moves so [...]

Writing the Arts & Mysteries Column

Arts and Mysteries began when Popular Woodworking’s editor Chris Schwarz, asked me if I was interested in writing an article for an existing column on hand tool usage called “From the [...]

A Slanted View of Mortises and Tenons

In the Stickley side table from the November 2006 issue, there are enough variations of mortise and tenon joints to give your hands and your head a real workout. One of the things I enjoy most [...]

Now Available: More Reviews on Hand Tools

For the last three years, I’ve been writing a column on modern hand tools for the Fine Tool Journal, an excellent quarterly publication out of Pownal, Maine. The Journal is a thick slice of [...]

First Cut with Steel City Saw

I have a couple of heros in the business world, guys who make sense about making money. The first is W. Edwards Deming best known for his book “Out of the Crisis” and the second is [...]

Therapy, Pop Wood Style

I’m working on a small chest for the February 2007 “I Can Do That” column. Because it’s a primitive design, I wanted the piece to look as if it had been around the block a [...]

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