Arts & Mysteries Online: Coming Soon

From the Editor: Arts & Mysteries is one of our most-read columns in Popular Woodworking magazine. Whether you sympathize with Adam Cherubini’s approach to working wood entirely with [...]

First Five Issues Available on One CD

You can now order the complete set of Woodworking Magazines , all five issues , on one CD. No more do you have to troll eBay for issues one, two and three (which are now sold out), or call our …

Creole Table: Now the Real Work Begins

It’s curious that many of the people I know who are professional finishers and refinishers are also connoisseurs of drink. Whenever I spray finish , particularly lacquer , I always get an [...]

Expanded Drawings for the Roubo Bench

Below you will find a SolidWorks “live model” for the Roubo-style Workbench I built for the Autumn 2005 issue. This nifty drawing was prepared by Louis Bois , a reader, mechanical [...]

Shaken Beliefs

For a nearly vanished religious sect that peaked in the 19th century, the Shakers have an astonishing grip on the modern imagination. In the woodworking world, Shaker furniture always ranks in [...]

Autumn 2006 Issue Heading to Printer

We’re wrapping up the Autumn 2006 issue of Woodworking Magazine this week , all the building, testing and writing of the last five months will end on Friday. Once it leaves the [...]


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