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Reckless Caution

Every evening I have a glass of red wine or two with dinner, clean up the dishes and then run a 5K , on Saturdays and Sundays I run a 10K. The running part keeps me fit, and the wine …

Miller Dowels: A Reluctant Affair

I get called a Luddite all the time for my affection for hand tools (Recent quip from spouse: “You know, we own a blender for a good reason”). I certainly don’t consider myself [...]

Getting Started in Old Hand Planes

I am just now starting to acquire the tools necessary to do some woodworking, but the money is very tight right now; so I’ve started looking some local flea markets. I was recently one of [...]

A Softwood Scraper Mystery

Sometimes a craftsman-made tool surfaces that is just plain mysterious and wondrous. Today I spent the morning with Carl Bilderback, a semi-retired Chicago-area carpenter who has an astonishing [...]

Dining Room Tray

Not sure you can drive a nail? This project is a great confidence builder for the beginning basher.

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